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The Tower
The Tower
By Daniel McCullough
Commandant Kamit Abrielo opened his eyes to see that he had not been dreaming.  It was all real, he had reached The Tower.  It seemed to glow as it spiraled up endlessly into the strange night sky full of alien stars.  He saw the others were still there, probably all from different paths and different worlds.  Kamit had been the last of these travelers to arrive.
The cowboy was cleaning his guns with the wolf resting nearby.  The man from the ice planet was trying to get a signal on his phone, hoping in vain that he might yet contact his home.  The soldier was patrolling the tree line around the clearing still not ready to let her guard down.  The samurai girl was busy repairing her damaged armor.  The other two teenagers were sitting together, the boy who had survived the wilderness had set aside his rifle and the Nordic girl had sheathed and put down her blade.  They watched as the toddler laughed and played
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The Vicious Planet Episode 0
On an alien planet there was a vast ocean that covered most of the Eastern Hemisphere.  A mighty creature emerged from the depths and looked to the western coast there was a land of tall twisted and jagged black mountains.  She opened her great jaws and spoke.
“I, Mighty Vusta of the Blue call to you Big Zudo of the Black.  Come forth and speak with me my brother.”
Beyond the black mountain range, deep within the dark and rocky landscape there was a mountain greater than all the others.  At the top of that mountain was a giant seat, the being that sat there begun to stir.  It had the shape of a man but the only feature it possessed were a series of blue lines like tattoos across its body and a single cyclops like blue jewel eye in the middle of its face.  The great black giant stood up and began to float in the air.  It turned about in the air and floated towards the coast.  He came to a landing on his feet between two of the uninviti
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The Four Orphans preview
Barnabus entered in the numbers and pressed the green button.  He put the device up to his ear and listened for the tone.
Far away a woman heard a sound coming from the cabinet.  She quickly walked over and opened a wooden box.  Inside was a device just like the one Barnabus was holding.  She picked it up and flipped it open.
“Hello?” she said cautiously.
“Greetings Antalla,” said Barnabus.
The women went back to her seat and said, “Hello Barnabus.  My name is Amara.  When my predecessor gave me this device I was not sure I would ever make use of it.”
“I am glad you kept it close,” said Barnabus, “There is a situation I felt you should be informed about.”
“This is about Darien Walker’s children isn’t it?”
“Yes in part, but there is something else,” Barnabus took a moment to take a breath and said, “Chow Wang Yung is dead.”
Amara moved from a relaxed
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Sometimes the hardest part of being an artist is just sitting down and doing the work of making the art.  It is easy to think about the art, to dream and plan the art.  But when it comes to actually making it something real for the audience to see... we get stuck.  This has happened to me many times.  It is still happening to me.  Putting out daily content for often feels like a chore.  But I keep at it.  If we don't put anything out there then we will never get noticed.
I have been working on a lot of story ideas but it can be a chore to focus in and finish just one.  Sometimes you need to let the others go for a bit and focus on the one that needs to be done right now.
For me one of the hardest parts of my work is that I do not answer to anyone.  Being your own boss can be kind of a pain at times.  I can set goals and deadlines for myself but with nothing lined up they have no consequence.  That is why being part of a critique group has been very useful.  It gives me times when I should have content ready for people to look at and it gives me a chance to see other peoples work that I might not normally look at.
I still have a lot of work to do.  The anthology I am a part of is finally almost done, after being a year and a half late.  I've done everything I can to get the process moving along but its out of my hands now.

Often the best thing artists can do for themselves is just make sure to sit down and do the work they can.
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